Microsoft CEO Summit 2013: Transforming for Growth

PMP I was recruited to provide translation and localization services to foreign delegations. This was the 17th annual CEO Summit, with 130+ global CEOs to debate technology and innovation in the face of pressing global business issues. These CEOs represent 27 countries and 8.7 million employees, with a combined total annual sales of $4 trillion.

Computer for Schools. Supporting education, youth and the environment, by refurbishing technology.

PMP HTML JS I assisted Computer for Schools (CFS) with web content delivery, site development, marketing, computer & peripheral refurbishment. The Program is a national, federal government-led initiative that operates in cooperation with all provinces and territories & the private and volunteer sectors. Program funding recipients collect, repair and refurbish donated computers from public/private sector sources and distribute them to schools, public libraries, not-for-profit learning organizations and Aboriginal communities in Canada. Some sponsors include: Telecom Pioneers, Bell Canada, Canadian National, Aliant Group and others.

AGL. Everyone needs a little app love. =)

Objective-C PMP Photoshop I programmed this app with a dual purpose in mind: (1) to showcase my portfolio and (2) to have it be part of my portfolio. I developed this app with the help of tutorials and by leveraging past programming and graphic design experience. I am interested in software development and having first hand experience with the full development cycle has given me invaluable insight and project management skills to future endeavors.

OLPC. "Worldwide, over 2.4 million children and teachers have XO laptops."

I conducted a feasibility study on Negroponte's "One Laptop Per Child" computer in rural Mexico. I presented the findings to a member of Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (Mexico's National Human Rights Commission), which led to another the presentation at the US Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico. The presentation was to Susan Schwab, US Ambassador to Mexico, and audience. This project resulted in the two parties entering in discussions and Negroponte appeared on Charlie Rose.

George. Quest of the Amulet.

Java PMP FCP Motion Utilizing Lego Mindstroms NXT robot, reprogrammed with Lejos, my team of 4 utilized a basic robot [George], configured with light and push sensors, to successfully navigate and perform a series of tasks on 5 different terrains. Each terrain required considerable reconfiguring of the hardware, additional classes and more QA. Coding was written entirely in Java. Development style was Agile. Significant amount of Project Management tasks were completed, including Network Diagrams, Gantt Charts, Lead/Lag Time Calculation, other Project Management skills and Graphic Design.

BCIT Campus Fan Club. "Ain't nothing better than a fan club."

JS AJAX PHP XML MySQL HTML CSS Created as part of a team of 4, this website combines the latest languages to create a website (front end) and a database (back end). Another requirement was the need for a "Register", "Log On" and "Unregister" functions. The website was built and tested to W3C and xHTML compliance.

WLAN Campus Wide Deployment. 1 network. 100s of users.

A+ Network+ Security+ PMP I assisted in the WLAN deployment encompassing 10,000 sq ft of a new campus for Connecticut Culinary Institute and ICHM César Ritz. We utilized D-Link 802.11 G routers with PoE, WDS and WPA. I created a logical network diagram, which included existing and new infrastructure. I conducted signal test and attenuation calibration.

Network Security Audit. IDS Signature Programming.

Regular Expression A+ Network+ Security+ PMP I conducted a security audit for a small investment firm. They have 5 employees and handle about 20 clients. I conducted a needs analysis, created a proposed network scheme (including hardware, network segmentation and data flow diagrams), design rationalization, list of all hardware and software with 2 option comparision. I also wrote and tested signatures for several worms, security threats for use with Snort, a Unix based Intrusion Detection System.

Stanley Park Coop. A pied-à-terre in the air for us "T&C" folk.

Network+ PMP I investigated the technological infrastructure required to ensure future proofing a wide variety of IT and security services. Some of these services include an intranet for "on demand" and ordering services, 802.11 deployment throughout all areas, fiber to panel and negotiating favorable SLAs with local providers. Other project tasks include a focus on industrial building materials and pricing of IT components.

Coverage Mapper. Realistic reception expectations.

Coverage Mapper is a crowd sourced cellular signal strength mapping application. Currently, it is only available on Android devices and only for the GSM network. The program collects signal strength data and location and is then populated to a server. The server processes submitted data twice daily, to generate an accurate coverage map of your cellular provider of choice. I record signal strength for 2 North American carriers and submit information to the database. I regularly review missed areas and prioritize.

Nokia Clearnet Exploit. Free calls. Unlimited.

I documented a workaround on the Nokia 6188 Clearnet model phones which enabled unlimited free calling in North America. 2600 verified the exploit and published it in Hacker Quarterly.

#LivingYEG in the "City of Champions."

iMovie On June 24th 2010, I was asked by Apple to produce a film shot and produced entirely on the soon to be released, iPhone 4. I came up with the concept of "#LivingYEG" after observing the diversifying population of the City of Edmonton, one summer. The video was a candidate to be released on July 30th, to coincide with the Canadian launch of the popular iPhone 4. This video was later syndicated by the City of Edmonton and used as part of their promotional materials.

BCIT Student Association. We're not just ALL about study.

FCP Motion I worked with the BCIT Student Association Marketing Team to archive 5 events. I took many Gigabytes of raw footage and put them together in a montage. The videos were later used as promotional material for the Student Association's promotional events.

VGVA. Bringing up the Rear!

FCP This video was shot during the 2011 Vancouver Pride Parade. The Vancouver Gay Volleyball Association was asked to be the last float in the parade to bring the parade to an energetic end.

Dubai. Land of Sand.

FCP 7 years in the making, this video showcases Dubai before, during and after the economic recession. The Ministry of Tourism requested a copy of this video with a proposal to update the content. This video went on to be used as a Couchsurfing Dubai video.

Endicott Crew "Go Gulls Go!"

PMP I am a co-founder of Endicott Crew, a varsity team for a private 4 year college in Boston, MA. I conducted needs analysis, wrote the bylaws, conducted the fundraising. I also designed the formal and sporting uniforms and crest, conducted site analysis and initial coaching. This team is currently competing on the international stage at events the Head of the Charles.